This section is different to the others. It will be irregularly updated with dated updates on ongoing projects in order to give a taste of what I'm doing right now. When a project is finished (if it is any good) it will be posted in the Main Portfolio section.

This section will also be home to the many test pieces I cobble together, along with smaller quicker jobs that would usually never make it to a finalised portfolio. So not everything here is 'finished' or will ever be finished.



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Fuel Pots

Small plastic fuel pots for a museum model of a lighthouse.

Little Boats

A few quick boats for a colleague's harbour model. Knocked out of a bit of 1mm acrylic with a laser cutter and Corel Draw.

Ape Sword WIP

First look at an ornamental sword I've just started throwing together for the Ape Warrior. It's a chavant sculpt and will be moulded in two halves - the front and the back will be the same.

Spacebike - FINISHED!

Have a look at the Spacebike WIP section for more pictures and information. A proper entry with some decent photos will be added to the Main Portfolio soon.

Silly test thingy: Edward Umbrella Hands!

This is about as far from a finished model as it is possible to get - however it did keep me entertained for an hour or so.
Basically I attached bits of umbrella to my hand using nothing more than masking tape... Maybe I'll work this up into a proper claw-glove-thing one day - who knows.  (A really bad video of the thing in action can be found HERE)

Left Hand Paint Test

My first latex-and-foam casting attempt came out a bit scrappy, I have started work on another hand which will hopefully be more successful. Even so, not wanting to waste an opportunity, I fixed up most of the problems and gave it a quick dirty zombie paintjob.

Left Hand Continues

Today I called it a day on the sculpting of my left hand. There are bits I still want to work on, but I cannot go on forever. Also I am getting areas of hardened clay - possibly because the clay is not mixed properly - which might be something to be wary of in the future. From this sculpt I will take a plaster mould and then pull a latex and cold foam arm.

Left Hand from Life Practice Sculpt WIP

A life-sized model of my left hand sculpted in normal, water-based clay (ie the dirt-and-water stuff).

A Quick Strange Beast... Mk 1.

A test piece cast in latex and PU foam. Not a very exciting sculpt, but a very exciting proof-of-concept. I am looking forward to doing more latex work in the very near future.