This page contains images of the SPACEBIKE at various stages of it's development and construction.

The finished bike is in the main portfolio HERE.

Setting the Scene...

In the not too distant future earth has been devastated by nuclear war, but a few scattered communities remain on this our sceptred isle. Violent mutant gangs hide in woods and dark places, but one scientist hero, who has taken it upon himself to record new species that have emerged since the flame deluge rides a contraption previously undreamed of - the Spacebike!

The Spacebike is equipped with additional back wheels

There will be a very bright light at the front of the bike. This was a quick linkage test - after a problem with my first idea I changed it to a more workable solution which is carried through to the metal version.

At an early stage I began to consider the finish and iconography of the finished bike. The eyes are somewhat borrowed from a little known film called "The Bed-Sitting Room" which pretty much provided a blueprint for most of this project. Inspiring stuff!
More dirt. These tests mostly used pastels and chalks dissolved in whitespirit and painted onto heavily wire-brushed items before being buffed off to various degrees.

On the back of the scientist-hero's bike there will be a multitude of strange animals in jars and cages. The first one I completed (which didn't take long - I planned to do two every Sunday as a bit of time-out from the main project) was a mutant cat thing.

Done in Chavant.

Another creature (work in progress here) is a little more unusual.

An early try with the wings on the metal frame. The wings are two-part vacforms created over an MDF former. They will raise and lower powered by a cheap Draper drill motor; which should to do the job.

The sculpted creatures are moulded into two-part plaster moulds.

Latex, coloured using acrylic ink, was painted onto the interior of the mould and cured in the oven. The finished creatures were then cleaned up and stuffed with pieces of sponge before being bottled.

Warning stripes were airbrushed onto the engine sections in cellulose paint. These were then dirtied down (the same way as the wings below).

The wings were sprayed in basic colours before being dirtied down: first with patches of dirty brown paint, then a coat of dilute iron paste which was quickly buffed off with a dirty duster.

Equipment and accessories, including a 1,000,000 candlepower lamp at the front and a drill motor at the back. The whole bike and and everything on it was then dirtied even more..

The finished bike. A very short (and pretty half-hearted film test of the wing motor in action is available HERE.

The completed bike and the extended film test is HERE.