This page contains images of the Ape Warrior at various stages of his development and making.

In the beginning...

The first stage was a lengthy design process that built up the world of the ape-men: a world loosely based on ancient Romans, Himalayan cultures and early proto-humans.

More designs below...

Ape Sculpt (1)

The ape was sculpted in normal clay clay, the same stuff as the left hand. He was sculpted over a life-cast of my head and shoulders to ensure that the finished mask would fit over my head. The roughing out stage only took a few hours.

Ape Sculpt (2)

Details, such as wrinkles were added and photos of chimpanzees and other apes were used as reference.

Ape Sculpt (3)

These wrinkles were deepened and the edges softened. Additional detail was sculpted on top.

Ape Sculpt (Final)

The final sculpt. This was then moulded in plaster and cast up in latex backed with cold foam.

Ape HASUKE chest emblem.

The chest emblem started life as a laser-cut design. However, after casting up the laser-cut on resin filled with aluminium I decided that it was too plain. The piece was 'cast' up in soft clay and re-sculpted before being moulded and cast again (this time using alginate).

Ape Helmet - Sculpt in clay

The ape helmet was sculpted in clay over the life-cast and what remained of the ape after moulding was done. Crisp lines, smooth surfaces and a sense of weightiness were the three qualities I was after.

Paint Test #1

The first paint test - using opaque paints. The results were flat and a bit dead. I had a go at using Prosaide to get the paint to adhere to the latex, however, the results were not encouraging to say the least, in the end time constraints forced me to use the 'safe bet' approach and just mix a bit of latex into the base coat. It worked perfectly first time.

Paint Test #2

The second paint test used layers and layers of thinned acrylic inks. The results, while not perfect, were much more vibrant than the previous test - they were much more lifelike and alive.

Ape Helmet - Shiny stuff.

The Ape helmet cast into a waste plaster mould which needed to be broken off in order to extract the helmet. Once this was done, as with all the aluminium pieces the finish was a dull grey and they needed to be shined up with a bit of wire wool. Final shine (pictured) needed a bit of extra work...

View the finished Ape Warrior HERE !